Stochastic networks

This course provides an introduction to stochastic networks. The coverage will encompass both theoretical and algorithmic developments, with applications in networking and communications. To follow the course, familiarity with basic probability theory and ordinary differential equations are required.


puceblackPart 0: Introduction

  • puceblackDefinition
  • puceblackShort history
  • puceblackRecall of ordinary differential equations (ODE), delay differential equations (DDE) and Ito's stochastic differential equations (SDE)

puceblackPart I - Selected Examples in Wireless Networks

  • puceblackParallel Queues
  • puceblackMulti-hop wireless networks: Random graph-based traffic evolution
  • puceblackOptimization under Brownian mobility of users
  • puceblackMulti-class access control protocols

puceblackPart II - Mean field approaches in stochastic networks

  • puceblackIntroduction, convergence
  • puceblackoptimal control
  • puceblackstochastic control